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Annual Photoworks Photography Contest

Well it’s that time again for our 3rd Annual Photo Contest so dig out those prized pictures form the past year(or later)

You must be an amateur Photographer, if you sell your images sorry this one is not for you. You must print at Photoworks and pay for an 8×10 ($5.99) of your image. We will then display it in the mall for the next 2 months on the windows of the empty store across from us. They will also be displayed at under the contests link. When the contest is over which is March 31st 2009 the pictures will be judged by some local photographers and the winners will be chosen. After the 12th of April you can come pick up your picture form the store if we have not contacted you as one of the winners.

The catagories are- Best Over ALL

  • Photographer 12 and under
  • Scenic
  • Still Life(this is a new catagory)
  • Animal
  • People
  • B&W

All catagories will win a Fuji Finepix J15, and the Best Overall winner will receive a Fuji Finepix S8100. You can email(a large sized file) or upload it online at  fotodepot. Bring in a negative, or even just the picture for us to scan, however if we scan the picture there will be an extra charge of $1 per picture scanned.  Once the pictures start rolling in you will also be able to view all the entered pictures at Swift Current Online.

So start entering those pictures today we look forward to seeing them all, Good luck to all.


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In one of my frequent insomina late nights, I came across this website to put together slideshows… and I started playing and before you know it I put together a little slideshow from the retreat in February. I hope you enjoy 🙂

So keeping up on this blog is hard for me at the end of the day I look back on what I didn’t get done and there seems to be a lot. One of those things is scrapbooking, I know Mel says anyone can get scrapbooking done if they put aside the time. That’s seems to be my issue setting aside the time and that is why we have started to hold 2 regular scrapbooking retreats a year so you(and I) can do just that. This is the best way to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. The other way we try to help you out is by holding classes at the store, the best class for that is the express class. You will have 6 pages done by the time you lave only 2.5hrs later. The other class that is a good way to get a page or 2 done is Mel’s quickie class, which you should be able to finish in less than 45min. I know I have been also using these classes to get some of my scrapbooking caught up.

As some of you know I had these adorable puppies born at the store this December so belive me I have may pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked. I also have a million that are of my kids which I am sure most of you have as well. SO set aside some time come to a class, go to a retreat or contact us about booking our scrapbooking room for you and your friends to have a pizza and scrapbooking evening. We plan it all, all you need to do is set aside the time and come! Hope to see you at the store soon.;)

Hello scrapping friends! Are you taking some great pictures this winter? Are you hoping to get them on pages before summer? At the store we have some pretty fun ideas on how you can do that. First one is coming up on Monday, Jan. 26th. I know it’s not mentioned in the class list, and I know it’s not mentioned on the store website, BUT there will be an Express Class. Someone-not mentioning names -forgot about putting the class on there! Can you believe it!?
For those of you not familiar with this class, it’s a class where you can get 6 pages done in about 2 1/2 hours. Everything is cut out for you and I always say it really is like kindergarten. You just have to stick the paper together. I so enjoy these classes because I know once a month I will get 6 pages done, and closer towards my goal.
I have a quote, and it really is true “Inspiration does exist, BUT it must find you working” some famous guy named Pablo Picasso said this. How true. So my goal is to actually work on my scrapbook, because how else are they going to get done!
This brings me to the second way you can get your pictures on pages. We are having a scrappin retreat, in 19 sleeps!! (Feb 6th-8th) There are only 3 spots left, so sign up now. Can’t wait to get even more pages done. I felt a bit overwhelmed that I wasn’t getting organized. So this is what I did to get organized-feel free to use this system and hopefully it works for both of us.
-I laid out 25 pages of white paper on the floor.
-Then I laid out which pictures I wanted to put together. I put sticky notes on the pile, if I needed to get more pictures to tell the story.
-then I started to think of titles &/or journaling. Using more sticky notes I made notes on them.
-Final step, I went thru magazines, and found different layouts that would work for the pictures I had, and of course, drew it out on a sticky note. (Love sticky notes!!)
The paper choice I didn’t worry about too much because we will bring half the store with us to the retreat so I know there will be something that works. We even have some paper that isn’t out on the shelf and the ladies at the retreat will be the first to see it. It’s so beautiful!
Hope this all works, I’ll let ya know when I get back from the retreat! 
Happy winter to you all and here is a list I found in a magazine of pictures you could take in winter.
*winter boot lined up
*mugs of hot chocolate, and people sipping them
*winter sunrises
*People making snowmen
*your kids/pets bundled up for the cold outdoors
*your themometer-brrr
*eating snow
*trees after a snow
*a family member asleep on the couch after a hard day out in the snow
*a picture of you scrapbooking, cause what better time to do it, than in the cold days of winter!

A New Year and no resolutions!

For the first time in my forty one years (OK maybe the first ten or so don’t count) I have not made a new year’s resolution. Now I can’t say that this is a result of planning, more like holy crap is another year gone by and I haven’t even thought about becoming a better me. I know we are only a week into the new year-but ever since I realized I did not make a resolution it’s bugging the heck out of me. This has got me thinking if , inadvertently I did not make a resolution on purpose. Is there some part of my brain that has decided to protect me from another dismal failure?

I know you are thinking “Is this woman nuts? Who spends this much energy worrying about resolutions?”  Yes I am in fact a bit crazy-if you know me then you know this is true. Plus remember I am forty so I am entitled to a bit of crazy. Anyway,after all this thinking I have decided that I am good with the no resolution thing. I figure life is tough enough some days without setting myself up to feel guilty about one more thing. I know that there are a ton of things that I could do that would be good for me. For example drink water(I never touch the stuff), lose weight, exercise more yada yada. But who is to say that scientists won’t discover all those things are not good for you. The way I see it why waste my time!

This year I am going to do something new-LOVE ME! I am gonna look in the mirror each morning and say “hello beautiful” I am going to love everything the good Lord created about me-physically and mentally. Who knows maybe I will start a new trend of happy woman  who walk around just feeling good about themselves. (Heaven forbid)

One of the ways I am going to encourage this new mel is with the Dare class at Photoworks. There are no rules in Dare. It is just about celebrating being who I am. Part of the class is having some fancy pictures taken by Roxeanne. Real studio pics. Wow, pictures of me that would be something. Why don’t you sign up for the Dare class? Do something for you. If we can’t love ourselves how can we begin to love others. We’d love to see you there. Hang out with the girls, having a macchiato, celebrating us. Good times!

P.S. All of this no resolution thing kind of sounds like it’s turned into a resolution doesn’t it?

Merry Christmas to all!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you on my last blog that I, Mel Forsyth, am finally about to become a Grandma. Yes, after three years of nagging Mark and Claire have finally relented and are giving me a baby. See squeaky wheel gets the grease. Actually, I don’t think my wishes entered into the whole process. Nevertheless, take what you can get-right! On December 1st we went for an ultrasound and discovered this little one is to be a girl. Finally, I can start shopping. Truth be known I thought it was going to be a boy-wrong again. So bring on the baby paper, stickers, embellishments, I can’t wait to get started. I have actually already made a couple of pages for her.  The second one is her first picture. The one of the ultrasound. Stop by and see her I can tell already she is going to be gorgeous. At this moment she is only 6 inches long. That one glimpse has made me even more excited to see her.

Life really moves right along doesn’t it? I have been doing a lot of “last year at this time”thinking. You know how that goes. Last year at this time I never dreamed I would be working almost full time, except Tues. when I am at the store, as a construction-ess. I would never have guessed that Mike would be married to a wonderful girl who makes him so happy (which makes mommy happy). And not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be getting a granddaughter in spring. All this thinking also leads me to remember how precious life is. How each moment needs to be treasured. And how our attitude about life affects us.

You know, at the retreat we got exchanging stories about life events. We laughed until we cried. Anyway Tara kept telling me I should write a book.  Now don’t tell tara but I have done just that. A book dedicated to her, full of all my “stories” and I am going to give it to her for Christmas. While I was writing my novel,there are a lot of stories, I got thinking some more. I have had a lot of crappy things happen in my life. Most of my married life has been spent in varying degrees of being broke-so broke we would have to choose between power or heat. Yet as I am writing about these events I was filled with a happy feeling, because even though we had no money we had a lot of fun.

All this got me thinking  that life is what you make of it. You know you can look at your life and you can laugh or you can cry. And you might as well laugh.  More importantly you might as well scrap it. I hope that some day my kids or grandkids will look through my albums and think “wow Grandma went through some of the same struggles that we are.” Maybe it will give them some hope or at the very least maybe laugh and think I hope I don’t end up as crazy as her. So whatever is happening in your life don’t miss the opportunity to scrap it.

At Photoworks we want to help you capture YOU. Starting in January we are going to offer the DARE class. It will be a six month discovery process. An opportunity to  scrap YOU! I am so looking forward to it. There are only 2 spots left. Don’t miss out! It is going to be like a girl’s night out-once a month.

Merry Christmas!

This is hard

Not sure where the time goes but it sure has gone. I think it has been months since I last wrote on here. Things have been pretty good at the store, we had our fall retreat and it was such a success we booked another one February 6-8th. It is already over half full so if you were thinking of coming you shouldn’t put off signing up. It was a riot by all who attended and if you read Tara, Mel or Lee’s blog you would see for you yourself. Not an event you will want to  miss again.

Things around my house have been just as Chaotic as the store and it never seems I spend enough time there. Running kids from one event to another keeps us all quiet busy. This fall has also seen a few major concerns in our family mostly concerning my son. I am hoping in December to finally get to the bottom, or at least the middle of what is going on in his mind. You see my son has a reading disability and so even though he is in grade 4 he doesn’t read much past the end of a grade 1 level. This has been a struggle for him, his teachers and us as well.  However in December we will be taking him for a slew of tests(6hrs. worth) and if this doesn’t finally figure something out I don’t know what will.

This fall I finally did a page for my son on being 8 and the struggles we had  last year with school, we often scrapbook the good but forget about the bad, Don’t! Those bad days may seem hard at the time but I look back on that page and am reminded how I said I would be there for him no matter what. I guess that’s what 6hrs. of testing is. Sometimes it helps put the little things in perspective and they don’t seem so big anymore. So scrapbook the good but don’t forget the bad.coltens-eight-small

This past summer Photoworks did a spot for Sasktel max magazine, if you would like to see us and take a look into a piece of our store turn to channel 48 and you will find us under the craft section in the Max magazine. It was a fun experience and thanks to Sasktel our workshop room was completed at a much fast rate than it otherwise would have, thanks Sasktel.

If you haven’t been in the store lately you need to come see the many new products we have gotten in for Christmas. We would also like to welcome Theresa to our staff, she will be a great asset to the photolab. However a scrapbooker she is not, YET! The other girls are working on it and will make her a scrapbooker yet, she had her husband in the store and he has alreadydecided she needs to scrapbook. So please be patient with her as we teacher the scrapbooking lingo.

Well it is late so I must get off to bed, morning will come much to quickly 😉

Retreat what a great weeekend!

Now that I have had a 13 hour nap I feel like scrappin’ again. I don’t know about you, but I can only do 2 nights in a row of being up after 3 am, then I just need a nap! The 3rd night when we were iced in, at the Inn did me in!! What a great weekend-not of sleep, but of scrappin’ and eatin’ and laughin,’ with friend both old and new. The bonus of an extra day was so much fun. Once we decided that we were not going to venture out on the ice (it was the hunter man that came in and said he drove 30 km/hr on the gravel roads to get there,  that made my final decision to stay) we continued with the great scrappin’ time. Some people took a break and watched “Desperate Housewives” while others figured it was there chance to break the 33 pages (and 2 mini albums!!) during a retreat record. For myself I was trying to figure out “if I started the page 2 retreats ago and finally finished it now-did it still count as a page finished ?!”


So what was your favorite paper at the retreat? We brought half the store  to the Inn, so it was hard to choose but I would have to say it was the Fancy Pants line. We had both The Daily Grind and the All Fall line. Love them both and am happy to say there are a few sheets still at the store. Think I’ll go down and get me a few more for my stash.


Great retreat

here I am blogging all on my own. Who is to know if it will even make it to our site. If not I am sure Tara can find it in cyberspace and put it back where it belongs.

I am a poor blogger so first I must catch up on the wedding for those interested. It was gorgeous. The weather co-operated beautifully. Everyone had a wonderful time the tent was a hit and Mike and Erin looked awesome. Now they are a happily married couple! Oh young love.

Now the retreat! It went fantastic. The Mainstay people really know how to treat you. You know how they say if you go on a cruise you can expect to gain ten pounds-well a weekend at the Mainstay can do the same thing for you. As Tara mentioned we had a lot of laughs and even got some scrapping done. I love retreats-they are a great catch up time and it really gets the creative juices flowing. I wanted to come home and keep right on scappin’. Alas reality strikes and I must resume working, cooking and cleaning.

Now it is time to start thinking about Christmas. My sister, Tammy called this afternoon and wants me to make three grandparent albums for her to give as gifts. She told me she didn’t want to stress me out. I wasn’t stressed-you want to know why? I did a class for December called Favorite Photos. It is cute, quick and can be carried in a Grandma’s purse. If you are thinking maybe you’d love to do a mini album for Christmas or maybe even one to carry in your own purse-don’t miss it. Remember if you would rather work at home you can order a class kit. I love class kits and buy quite a few. They are the perfect thing to pack up and take along for quickie scrappin’ i.e. going to a friends house to scrap or to whip up while you are waiting for the kids at practice. Believe me it can be done.

I am a real mini album lover. You know why-because they give me a sense of accomplishment. In a few hours I can complete a whole album. I love to give them as gifts and am never disappointed by people’s reactions. Makes you feel pretty special to know someone has taken all this time for you. I give them with pictures or without. Enough!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your fall. Stop in the store on a Tuesday and I will tell you about how I saved that goats life.


Well we are home! We had a fabulous weekend out at the Mainstay Inn. Mel, Claire, Lee and myself got there early to set up the store. Though kudos go to Mel and Claire for doing such a great job setting up before we even got there! We basically hung a couple of things and then we started in on the scrapbooking.

Oh wait first we had lunch and if you have never been to the Mainstay Inn Resturant may I suggest you go NOW!! The food was amazing, simply amazing all weekend long! So we ate, and then we scrapbooked. Slowly people started coming in and by Friday supper most had arrived.

So why was this is amazing? Well scrapbooking uninterrupted! Plus the handiness of having the store right there was handy as well. The amazing people we met, you guys cracked us up. The sharing of stories… I mean where else where a person learn about goat CPR?!?! Or chasing a bus in a housecoat – good times those stories. I don’t think we laughed so hard or for so long! It was also cool to see what other people were doing and creating with them. The Making Memories Slice Machine was a huge hit and may I add that is one dang cool machine. I prefer it over the cricut myself – cheaper, easier to use, more portable… but to each their own! Oh and the new Basic Grey Paper. And while I’m not a fan of Halloween – and especially Halloween scrapbook supplies – the Halloween paper was so amazing I was trying to find some Halloween pictures to use for it!

The prize for the latest stayer upper was Lee! That brave girl scrapbooked until after 4 am and then was up at 8 am – now there is a die hard scrapbooker!

Saturday was more of the same and Laura joined us in the evening, though we didn’t see too much of her as she was busy with the business end of things. We had three buffets – and each was totally and completely amazing food. It was such a joy to have someone create such great food, clean our rooms, make our beds and leaving us free to scrapbook! More stories were told…. ask Mel about the goat CPR. I swear that girl should write a book, I was in stitches and my stomach hurt – not only from eating way too much but laughing way too hard! During the meals, everyone would be looking at our table, as our table participants would be leaning over the chairs laughing, tears in our eyes, and basically making fools of ourselves. But I will treasure those times because when lately there hasn’t been much smiles or laughter in life, this weekend had tons and tons of it. And we hadn’t even started drinking yet!

Sunday we ran into unexpected treat – freezing rain!! Why is that a treat?!?! Because after much discussion, and checking of weather forecasts, we as a group wimped out and decided to stay another night. I know we were hard done by! Not! It was great. Instead of saying good-bye to all the great people we met, we spent another day hanging out. And there may have been a partaking of some beverages as well – the Monkey’s Lunch was particularly my favorite!

Our table in the store area – even though Claire and I weren’t offically working – had some brainstorming ideas. One great one was a dare club. I’ll be giving out the details of this a bit later but it will push you and revulation the way you scrapbook. So if you feel stuck in a rut or feel like ‘where’s waldo’ when you scrapbook because you are never in your pages – this will be the class for you. I am so excited about it, I started working on it!

So instead of being responsible – well what’s the joy of having a weekend away if were responsible?!?! – we stayed up late to scrapbook. Monday, we slowly started leaving, and we made it home safe and sound, though driving slowly. The roads weren’t in great condition but we all have to go home sometime!

Another retreat is in the works for February – space again is limited – so please book quickly as we want YOU to come and hang out with us! It is time and money very well spent! I didn’t take many pictures – I know how sad is that?? But I was too busy scrapbooking! And it’s late so this chickie is going to bed.

Final thought – if you want to come and have ideas on what you would like to see, let us know. If you were there with us and you have ideas on how to make this better – let us know that too. Or let us know what was your favorite part! We wouldn’t be here but for all you out there, and we love you all for it!!!

Thanks chickies – night from one tired gal 🙂