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Well we are home! We had a fabulous weekend out at the Mainstay Inn. Mel, Claire, Lee and myself got there early to set up the store. Though kudos go to Mel and Claire for doing such a great job setting up before we even got there! We basically hung a couple of things and then we started in on the scrapbooking.

Oh wait first we had lunch and if you have never been to the Mainstay Inn Resturant may I suggest you go NOW!! The food was amazing, simply amazing all weekend long! So we ate, and then we scrapbooked. Slowly people started coming in and by Friday supper most had arrived.

So why was this is amazing? Well scrapbooking uninterrupted! Plus the handiness of having the store right there was handy as well. The amazing people we met, you guys cracked us up. The sharing of stories… I mean where else where a person learn about goat CPR?!?! Or chasing a bus in a housecoat – good times those stories. I don’t think we laughed so hard or for so long! It was also cool to see what other people were doing and creating with them. The Making Memories Slice Machine was a huge hit and may I add that is one dang cool machine. I prefer it over the cricut myself – cheaper, easier to use, more portable… but to each their own! Oh and the new Basic Grey Paper. And while I’m not a fan of Halloween – and especially Halloween scrapbook supplies – the Halloween paper was so amazing I was trying to find some Halloween pictures to use for it!

The prize for the latest stayer upper was Lee! That brave girl scrapbooked until after 4 am and then was up at 8 am – now there is a die hard scrapbooker!

Saturday was more of the same and Laura joined us in the evening, though we didn’t see too much of her as she was busy with the business end of things. We had three buffets – and each was totally and completely amazing food. It was such a joy to have someone create such great food, clean our rooms, make our beds and leaving us free to scrapbook! More stories were told…. ask Mel about the goat CPR. I swear that girl should write a book, I was in stitches and my stomach hurt – not only from eating way too much but laughing way too hard! During the meals, everyone would be looking at our table, as our table participants would be leaning over the chairs laughing, tears in our eyes, and basically making fools of ourselves. But I will treasure those times because when lately there hasn’t been much smiles or laughter in life, this weekend had tons and tons of it. And we hadn’t even started drinking yet!

Sunday we ran into unexpected treat – freezing rain!! Why is that a treat?!?! Because after much discussion, and checking of weather forecasts, we as a group wimped out and decided to stay another night. I know we were hard done by! Not! It was great. Instead of saying good-bye to all the great people we met, we spent another day hanging out. And there may have been a partaking of some beverages as well – the Monkey’s Lunch was particularly my favorite!

Our table in the store area – even though Claire and I weren’t offically working – had some brainstorming ideas. One great one was a dare club. I’ll be giving out the details of this a bit later but it will push you and revulation the way you scrapbook. So if you feel stuck in a rut or feel like ‘where’s waldo’ when you scrapbook because you are never in your pages – this will be the class for you. I am so excited about it, I started working on it!

So instead of being responsible – well what’s the joy of having a weekend away if were responsible?!?! – we stayed up late to scrapbook. Monday, we slowly started leaving, and we made it home safe and sound, though driving slowly. The roads weren’t in great condition but we all have to go home sometime!

Another retreat is in the works for February – space again is limited – so please book quickly as we want YOU to come and hang out with us! It is time and money very well spent! I didn’t take many pictures – I know how sad is that?? But I was too busy scrapbooking! And it’s late so this chickie is going to bed.

Final thought – if you want to come and have ideas on what you would like to see, let us know. If you were there with us and you have ideas on how to make this better – let us know that too. Or let us know what was your favorite part! We wouldn’t be here but for all you out there, and we love you all for it!!!

Thanks chickies – night from one tired gal 🙂


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  1. * tina says:

    Did you say 4am and up at 8! now that is hard stuff. thanks for sharing . got me thinking.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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