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A New Year and no resolutions!

For the first time in my forty one years (OK maybe the first ten or so don’t count) I have not made a new year’s resolution. Now I can’t say that this is a result of planning, more like holy crap is another year gone by and I haven’t even thought about becoming a better me. I know we are only a week into the new year-but ever since I realized I did not make a resolution it’s bugging the heck out of me. This has got me thinking if , inadvertently I did not make a resolution on purpose. Is there some part of my brain that has decided to protect me from another dismal failure?

I know you are thinking “Is this woman nuts? Who spends this much energy worrying about resolutions?”  Yes I am in fact a bit crazy-if you know me then you know this is true. Plus remember I am forty so I am entitled to a bit of crazy. Anyway,after all this thinking I have decided that I am good with the no resolution thing. I figure life is tough enough some days without setting myself up to feel guilty about one more thing. I know that there are a ton of things that I could do that would be good for me. For example drink water(I never touch the stuff), lose weight, exercise more yada yada. But who is to say that scientists won’t discover all those things are not good for you. The way I see it why waste my time!

This year I am going to do something new-LOVE ME! I am gonna look in the mirror each morning and say “hello beautiful” I am going to love everything the good Lord created about me-physically and mentally. Who knows maybe I will start a new trend of happy woman  who walk around just feeling good about themselves. (Heaven forbid)

One of the ways I am going to encourage this new mel is with the Dare class at Photoworks. There are no rules in Dare. It is just about celebrating being who I am. Part of the class is having some fancy pictures taken by Roxeanne. Real studio pics. Wow, pictures of me that would be something. Why don’t you sign up for the Dare class? Do something for you. If we can’t love ourselves how can we begin to love others. We’d love to see you there. Hang out with the girls, having a macchiato, celebrating us. Good times!

P.S. All of this no resolution thing kind of sounds like it’s turned into a resolution doesn’t it?


Merry Christmas to all!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you on my last blog that I, Mel Forsyth, am finally about to become a Grandma. Yes, after three years of nagging Mark and Claire have finally relented and are giving me a baby. See squeaky wheel gets the grease. Actually, I don’t think my wishes entered into the whole process. Nevertheless, take what you can get-right! On December 1st we went for an ultrasound and discovered this little one is to be a girl. Finally, I can start shopping. Truth be known I thought it was going to be a boy-wrong again. So bring on the baby paper, stickers, embellishments, I can’t wait to get started. I have actually already made a couple of pages for her.  The second one is her first picture. The one of the ultrasound. Stop by and see her I can tell already she is going to be gorgeous. At this moment she is only 6 inches long. That one glimpse has made me even more excited to see her.

Life really moves right along doesn’t it? I have been doing a lot of “last year at this time”thinking. You know how that goes. Last year at this time I never dreamed I would be working almost full time, except Tues. when I am at the store, as a construction-ess. I would never have guessed that Mike would be married to a wonderful girl who makes him so happy (which makes mommy happy). And not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be getting a granddaughter in spring. All this thinking also leads me to remember how precious life is. How each moment needs to be treasured. And how our attitude about life affects us.

You know, at the retreat we got exchanging stories about life events. We laughed until we cried. Anyway Tara kept telling me I should write a book.  Now don’t tell tara but I have done just that. A book dedicated to her, full of all my “stories” and I am going to give it to her for Christmas. While I was writing my novel,there are a lot of stories, I got thinking some more. I have had a lot of crappy things happen in my life. Most of my married life has been spent in varying degrees of being broke-so broke we would have to choose between power or heat. Yet as I am writing about these events I was filled with a happy feeling, because even though we had no money we had a lot of fun.

All this got me thinking  that life is what you make of it. You know you can look at your life and you can laugh or you can cry. And you might as well laugh.  More importantly you might as well scrap it. I hope that some day my kids or grandkids will look through my albums and think “wow Grandma went through some of the same struggles that we are.” Maybe it will give them some hope or at the very least maybe laugh and think I hope I don’t end up as crazy as her. So whatever is happening in your life don’t miss the opportunity to scrap it.

At Photoworks we want to help you capture YOU. Starting in January we are going to offer the DARE class. It will be a six month discovery process. An opportunity to  scrap YOU! I am so looking forward to it. There are only 2 spots left. Don’t miss out! It is going to be like a girl’s night out-once a month.

Merry Christmas!

Wedding & Scrapping Time

Good News! There is going to be a wedding in our family. Weddings are great scrappin’ opportunites. My middle son Mike was engaged on Thurs. night to his love – Erin Redekkop. Erin is part owner of Merle Norman here in Swift. She’s a sweet girl and we look forward to having her as part of our family. I’m not sure how Erin is going to make out in our group. She is so quiet and not a pet lover. The quiet part we may or may not notice since we are an incredibly loud family – that likes to all speak at once. The pet thing could be a problem. You see in our house we have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Outside of our house, which is only an issue when you are trying to sit outside, anyhow there are 2 more dogs out there. I digress. The wedding is in Sept. Exciting!

This is a busy time of year and Claire and I were just lamenting about the lack of available scrappin’ time. There is work to do in the yard, bbq’s to attend and a million brandings. Mike and Erin’s wedding is at our farm so the pressure is on to make the yard look nice. It wouldn’t be such a tough job-except on Sat. night the bulls got out and absolutley pulverized my freshly watered grass. And the GOATS they are constantly coming in nibbly on the trees and plants. So far they haven’t tried chewing on the house. Not yet. Back to the lack of scrappin’ time. I decided that I need just relax-keep on taking pictures and printing them. During winter’s long cold nights I’ll get them done. You know how it is though how you start to feel behind and so you stop taking pictures. It’s like Stacy Julian says “when my camera broke I was so happy because I couldn’t fall even further behind in my scrappin” So I’ll keep clicking and printing and look forward to the scrappin later.