Scrapbooking By Laura

Retreat what a great weeekend!

Now that I have had a 13 hour nap I feel like scrappin’ again. I don’t know about you, but I can only do 2 nights in a row of being up after 3 am, then I just need a nap! The 3rd night when we were iced in, at the Inn did me in!! What a great weekend-not of sleep, but of scrappin’ and eatin’ and laughin,’ with friend both old and new. The bonus of an extra day was so much fun. Once we decided that we were not going to venture out on the ice (it was the hunter man that came in and said he drove 30 km/hr on the gravel roads to get there,  that made my final decision to stay) we continued with the great scrappin’ time. Some people took a break and watched “Desperate Housewives” while others figured it was there chance to break the 33 pages (and 2 mini albums!!) during a retreat record. For myself I was trying to figure out “if I started the page 2 retreats ago and finally finished it now-did it still count as a page finished ?!”


So what was your favorite paper at the retreat? We brought half the store  to the Inn, so it was hard to choose but I would have to say it was the Fancy Pants line. We had both The Daily Grind and the All Fall line. Love them both and am happy to say there are a few sheets still at the store. Think I’ll go down and get me a few more for my stash.



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