Scrapbooking By Laura

Great retreat

here I am blogging all on my own. Who is to know if it will even make it to our site. If not I am sure Tara can find it in cyberspace and put it back where it belongs.

I am a poor blogger so first I must catch up on the wedding for those interested. It was gorgeous. The weather co-operated beautifully. Everyone had a wonderful time the tent was a hit and Mike and Erin looked awesome. Now they are a happily married couple! Oh young love.

Now the retreat! It went fantastic. The Mainstay people really know how to treat you. You know how they say if you go on a cruise you can expect to gain ten pounds-well a weekend at the Mainstay can do the same thing for you. As Tara mentioned we had a lot of laughs and even got some scrapping done. I love retreats-they are a great catch up time and it really gets the creative juices flowing. I wanted to come home and keep right on scappin’. Alas reality strikes and I must resume working, cooking and cleaning.

Now it is time to start thinking about Christmas. My sister, Tammy called this afternoon and wants me to make three grandparent albums for her to give as gifts. She told me she didn’t want to stress me out. I wasn’t stressed-you want to know why? I did a class for December called Favorite Photos. It is cute, quick and can be carried in a Grandma’s purse. If you are thinking maybe you’d love to do a mini album for Christmas or maybe even one to carry in your own purse-don’t miss it. Remember if you would rather work at home you can order a class kit. I love class kits and buy quite a few. They are the perfect thing to pack up and take along for quickie scrappin’ i.e. going to a friends house to scrap or to whip up while you are waiting for the kids at practice. Believe me it can be done.

I am a real mini album lover. You know why-because they give me a sense of accomplishment. In a few hours I can complete a whole album. I love to give them as gifts and am never disappointed by people’s reactions. Makes you feel pretty special to know someone has taken all this time for you. I give them with pictures or without. Enough!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your fall. Stop in the store on a Tuesday and I will tell you about how I saved that goats life.



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