Scrapbooking By Laura

This is hard

Not sure where the time goes but it sure has gone. I think it has been months since I last wrote on here. Things have been pretty good at the store, we had our fall retreat and it was such a success we booked another one February 6-8th. It is already over half full so if you were thinking of coming you shouldn’t put off signing up. It was a riot by all who attended and if you read Tara, Mel or Lee’s blog you would see for you yourself. Not an event you will want to  miss again.

Things around my house have been just as Chaotic as the store and it never seems I spend enough time there. Running kids from one event to another keeps us all quiet busy. This fall has also seen a few major concerns in our family mostly concerning my son. I am hoping in December to finally get to the bottom, or at least the middle of what is going on in his mind. You see my son has a reading disability and so even though he is in grade 4 he doesn’t read much past the end of a grade 1 level. This has been a struggle for him, his teachers and us as well.  However in December we will be taking him for a slew of tests(6hrs. worth) and if this doesn’t finally figure something out I don’t know what will.

This fall I finally did a page for my son on being 8 and the struggles we had  last year with school, we often scrapbook the good but forget about the bad, Don’t! Those bad days may seem hard at the time but I look back on that page and am reminded how I said I would be there for him no matter what. I guess that’s what 6hrs. of testing is. Sometimes it helps put the little things in perspective and they don’t seem so big anymore. So scrapbook the good but don’t forget the bad.coltens-eight-small

This past summer Photoworks did a spot for Sasktel max magazine, if you would like to see us and take a look into a piece of our store turn to channel 48 and you will find us under the craft section in the Max magazine. It was a fun experience and thanks to Sasktel our workshop room was completed at a much fast rate than it otherwise would have, thanks Sasktel.

If you haven’t been in the store lately you need to come see the many new products we have gotten in for Christmas. We would also like to welcome Theresa to our staff, she will be a great asset to the photolab. However a scrapbooker she is not, YET! The other girls are working on it and will make her a scrapbooker yet, she had her husband in the store and he has alreadydecided she needs to scrapbook. So please be patient with her as we teacher the scrapbooking lingo.

Well it is late so I must get off to bed, morning will come much to quickly 😉