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So keeping up on this blog is hard for me at the end of the day I look back on what I didn’t get done and there seems to be a lot. One of those things is scrapbooking, I know Mel says anyone can get scrapbooking done if they put aside the time. That’s seems to be my issue setting aside the time and that is why we have started to hold 2 regular scrapbooking retreats a year so you(and I) can do just that. This is the best way to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. The other way we try to help you out is by holding classes at the store, the best class for that is the express class. You will have 6 pages done by the time you lave only 2.5hrs later. The other class that is a good way to get a page or 2 done is Mel’s quickie class, which you should be able to finish in less than 45min. I know I have been also using these classes to get some of my scrapbooking caught up.

As some of you know I had these adorable puppies born at the store this December so belive me I have may pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked. I also have a million that are of my kids which I am sure most of you have as well. SO set aside some time come to a class, go to a retreat or contact us about booking our scrapbooking room for you and your friends to have a pizza and scrapbooking evening. We plan it all, all you need to do is set aside the time and come! Hope to see you at the store soon.;)


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