Scrapbooking By Laura

Well we are home! We had a fabulous weekend out at the Mainstay Inn. Mel, Claire, Lee and myself got there early to set up the store. Though kudos go to Mel and Claire for doing such a great job setting up before we even got there! We basically hung a couple of things and then we started in on the scrapbooking.

Oh wait first we had lunch and if you have never been to the Mainstay Inn Resturant may I suggest you go NOW!! The food was amazing, simply amazing all weekend long! So we ate, and then we scrapbooked. Slowly people started coming in and by Friday supper most had arrived.

So why was this is amazing? Well scrapbooking uninterrupted! Plus the handiness of having the store right there was handy as well. The amazing people we met, you guys cracked us up. The sharing of stories… I mean where else where a person learn about goat CPR?!?! Or chasing a bus in a housecoat – good times those stories. I don’t think we laughed so hard or for so long! It was also cool to see what other people were doing and creating with them. The Making Memories Slice Machine was a huge hit and may I add that is one dang cool machine. I prefer it over the cricut myself – cheaper, easier to use, more portable… but to each their own! Oh and the new Basic Grey Paper. And while I’m not a fan of Halloween – and especially Halloween scrapbook supplies – the Halloween paper was so amazing I was trying to find some Halloween pictures to use for it!

The prize for the latest stayer upper was Lee! That brave girl scrapbooked until after 4 am and then was up at 8 am – now there is a die hard scrapbooker!

Saturday was more of the same and Laura joined us in the evening, though we didn’t see too much of her as she was busy with the business end of things. We had three buffets – and each was totally and completely amazing food. It was such a joy to have someone create such great food, clean our rooms, make our beds and leaving us free to scrapbook! More stories were told…. ask Mel about the goat CPR. I swear that girl should write a book, I was in stitches and my stomach hurt – not only from eating way too much but laughing way too hard! During the meals, everyone would be looking at our table, as our table participants would be leaning over the chairs laughing, tears in our eyes, and basically making fools of ourselves. But I will treasure those times because when lately there hasn’t been much smiles or laughter in life, this weekend had tons and tons of it. And we hadn’t even started drinking yet!

Sunday we ran into unexpected treat – freezing rain!! Why is that a treat?!?! Because after much discussion, and checking of weather forecasts, we as a group wimped out and decided to stay another night. I know we were hard done by! Not! It was great. Instead of saying good-bye to all the great people we met, we spent another day hanging out. And there may have been a partaking of some beverages as well – the Monkey’s Lunch was particularly my favorite!

Our table in the store area – even though Claire and I weren’t offically working – had some brainstorming ideas. One great one was a dare club. I’ll be giving out the details of this a bit later but it will push you and revulation the way you scrapbook. So if you feel stuck in a rut or feel like ‘where’s waldo’ when you scrapbook because you are never in your pages – this will be the class for you. I am so excited about it, I started working on it!

So instead of being responsible – well what’s the joy of having a weekend away if were responsible?!?! – we stayed up late to scrapbook. Monday, we slowly started leaving, and we made it home safe and sound, though driving slowly. The roads weren’t in great condition but we all have to go home sometime!

Another retreat is in the works for February – space again is limited – so please book quickly as we want YOU to come and hang out with us! It is time and money very well spent! I didn’t take many pictures – I know how sad is that?? But I was too busy scrapbooking! And it’s late so this chickie is going to bed.

Final thought – if you want to come and have ideas on what you would like to see, let us know. If you were there with us and you have ideas on how to make this better – let us know that too. Or let us know what was your favorite part! We wouldn’t be here but for all you out there, and we love you all for it!!!

Thanks chickies – night from one tired gal 🙂


New Product!!!

Well it’s midnight and I’m finally at home, in my pjs, and now trying to update the computer world on what has been going on. I have spent many hours this weekend – almost 20 hours! – entering in two huge orders. And let me tell you, it was mighty difficult to put it all back in the box and not take any home for me. After all I should be able to do quality control right?!?! But alas I was well behaved and did not buy one single thing, all the more for you to buy dear reader.

Let me see, there was new paper from Basic Grey, and Fancy Pants. As well as some Bo Bunny paper. Some fancy diecut snowflake paper. Some cool western papers. There was BLING! I am the lover of all things bling, so that was particularily difficult to see go back in to the box. My I add it was different and cool bling as well. There was brads. There were rubons and stickers for every occassion. More glitter mist and alcohol inks. If you have seen neither of those in action, you must come in and get a demo, it will change your world!

Now why did I put it all in the box, instead out in the store? Because as a special extra treat, we decided to give everyone coming to the retreat first dibs, so we’ll be taking it along with us. Can I just menition how excited I am about this weekend?!? Great company, three days of scrapping and I don’t have to cook one meal. For a single girl that hates to cook, that might be the biggest drawing factor…. Nah who am I kidding it’s the company and scrapbooking 😀

We have also received an email that we have another shipment coming in as well! So as long as UPS gets it to us before Thursday, we’ll have all that new stuff too. And a little birdie told me it has the MK Slice Machine. If you haven’t seen it or heard about it, well this make become your favorite tool 🙂

Have a great week 🙂

ps. The November class schedule is in. I will get it up as soon as I can.

Starting today for three days, we are having our amazing Calendar and Card sale. For instance, customers can get 5 Calendar credits for $99.95 which comes with one month Premiere!! (and lots of templates to chose from)

The calendars that are done elsewhere can be as much as $40, this works out to $25 a calendar and ours are twice as nice. I have never been able to cost effectively offer calendars until this year.

Click here for the 3 Day Flyer Sale.

This is an offer through the Heritage Makers company that we have partnered with to bring you photobooks, calendars and a few other specialty items. In order to get this awesome price you must puchase these credits through the store and then we apply the credits to your account. This offer expires October 29th so you need to let me know asap, you will need to get me payment by either coming to the store or calling me with your CC #. You also need to have an account set up, to set up an account go to If you would like us to design the calendar(s) for you there is a $25 charge per calendar on top of the price of the calendar(meaning every different one we design) for you. This is a great gift idea, that you can design yourself from the comfort of your home. There is no software to download, all you do is up load your pictures to their site. If you would like some help feel free to set up a time where I can walk you through how to get going, or you can watch the Webinar on the home page of the Heritage Makers site.   If you have any questions you can email me or give me a call at the store. However I will be out of the store on Tuesday so I can get back to you Wednesday.  Start making your Christmas calendars today.


Who can Print the Most Photos

Is it you?! We were talking one night, and one of us menitioned how many pictures they have on their computer and still haven’t printed. It started us thinking I wonder how many pictures are on computers or memory cards. Because we are a curious bunch, we decided to hold a contest, because honestly who doesn’t want to win something free!!?? So how it works is from October 1 to 31 bring in all those pictures, or send them in online. And we will see how exactly has the most pictures! The prize is you win that amount back. Example the winner has 500 pictures, we will give you credit to print 500 pictures. Now the unfun stuff – the rules! But a necessary evil

1. Only digital prints, film or scanned prints do not count.

2. It has to be 4×6 to be included in the contest. You are more than welcome to print other sizes, but we are only counting the 4x6s.

3. The winner will have their name and amount of pictures posted on our website and blog.

So get those memory cards, and USB drives ready to go and get those pictures in pronto!

Open House and Other Goodies!

Our Open House was a success, thank you to all that came out! We enjoyed having you out for the evening! 😀 If you missed it, well you missed some great demos on alcohol ink. No isn’t something you drink!! But a cool new ink that you can use on well, anything. Do you have some metal embellishments that are as ugly as well you know what? You can use this ink to change the color, it is truly amazing stuff 🙂

The other big thing is glitter mist. If you are at all like this girl, you love your bling. I love my bling – sigh bling 🙂 Okay I am back. Glitter mist is a spray that can be applied to anything and everything and you guessed it, it glimmers and sparkles. It comes in a variety of shades and is oh so very very pretty!

October class will be up soon. We are just waiting for one our teachers to get back to us on dates.

Tip of the day: Take your cameras and take some pictures! I promised myself I would not let fall get away from me this year. So I did take a couple of pictures this year and today I noticed a lot of leaves are missing off those trees! So go out and grab your pictures now!

Cut It Out Club

During the summer, we used the time to do a little research, put our ears to the ground as they say, and come up some new ideas.

One idea was to have a membership.  We thought this way we could keep better track of all of you out there and also help you get some savings.  Savings you say?  I hear the perking of many ears….. or is it eyes?!?! So how this membership works is you pay a yearly fee of $29.99.  Now I can hear you all rolling your eyes going but how does this save us money?  Well just wait until I tell you what you get for this remarkably low price.

  • No regular class fees
  • 5% off everyday on regular priced scrapbooking supplies
  • 15% on your purchases for your birthday
  • 5% off all your photo enlargements (5×7 or larger)
  • refer a friend and receive a $5 gift card
  • daily specials for members only
  • unlimited use of our new scrapbooking room and tools (believe me this is handy!) This does not include the Cricut mats though.  You must bring your own or purchase one from the store.
  • free class with 4 weeks of membership purchase

We are always open to some new ideas too.  So if you think of something we should have for just members drop off your idea to one of us!

We also decided to set up a couple of groups too.  We have heard your cries about being behind in scrapbooking.  And we all know how popular Lee’s Express Class is…. so we set up an Express Club.  This club will meet once a month from September to December.  If you are unable to attend, you will still recieve all the materials with instructions to take home.  When you work that out, that’s 24 scrapbook pages that will look amazing!

More and more we hear about people wanting something special to give to a loved one.  That inspired us to start a Card Club.  Same thing, they will meet once a month and make 10 cards each meeting.  A lot of people are truly honored by being given a handmade item and do treasure it.

Drop by the store for more information.

Fall, classes, garage sales, new stuff and so much more!

I know it’s been a while and I don’t even know where to start with all the information I have to share!  You may have thought we have all flittered off to vacation or somewhere else, but we have been busy, with top secret plans…. Well we warned to not spill the beans by the boss!  And hence why all the hush hush and the whispering!

But we are so very excited!  As finally the go ahead has been given, and it’s time to let you all in on the excitment!

Did you happen to attend our open house earlier this year?  Did you miss it but heard about the rave reviews? DId you see the products that we ordered in especially for our customers that we only put out that evening?  Well here is your chance to get in on it again!!  We decided it was so much fun, we are going to have another OPEN HOUSE!  So take out those calendars and mark in your date books September 26 from 7-10 pm.  This is a drop in event, you don’t have to be there the whole three hours, but be forewarned we sold out of some stuff quite early on!  This really is not an event to be missed, there is food (maybe you can whisper in Laura’s ear we would like the chocolate fondue back again! Hey I”m rooting for it!), there is brand new releases from the scrapbooking world, and really just a lot of fun 🙂

So we after we thought about that, we sat around some more, and one member of our crew pipped with ‘man I sure would like to buy some of that new stuff, but I have so much stuff already’.  There was a pause then another brainstorm took place!  We are going to host a scrapbooking garage sale.  How many of you have thought the exact same thing? How many of us feel guilty for buying something new, knowing we have dressers, boxes, rooms, closests etc filled with supplies? I know we all at the store have felt that, but what can we say?  We like the new stuff!!  The idea of the scrapbooking garage sale, is you come, bring all the supplies you want to get rid off, and set your prices.  You will be surrounded by others of like mind.  Now here is the true beauty of this, you may notice your neighbor has those letters that would be just perfect for your page.  She may notice you have the perfect flowers for her page….. Well either you can buy from each other, or perhaps arrange a trade.  At the end, you have plurged your unwanted stuff, and someone has gone home with it so very happy!  There is a cost of $30 to rent a table.  We feel it’s important to support our community so we are donating that $30 to the local Women’s Shelter.  The fee is non-refundable as we have to rent the tables from the mall.  You can share a table if there is some of you that would like to do that.  You are responsible for finding your table buddy though.  We are expanding but aren’t ready to start any match making business LOL!  The date is October 18 from 930-6.

There will be more information trickling in as we finalize all these events.  We have been asked about the September class schedule and it is coming out, very soon.  It should be finalized by the end of this week and I’ll get up on the web as soon as I can.

We had a shipment of the brand new BoBunny Paper come in, and let me just say gorgeous!  Considering I was entering the order, it was a bit difficult to not just take it all home!  But I resisted and put it out on the shelf for you to buy (well okay maybe two or three or – whistling – sheets made it to my house……).  It is beautiful paper and it’s sure to not last long.

Well I think that’s enough of information overload for now!  Have a great day and we hope to see you soon 😀

fall is in the air-help!

man today felt like fall. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s like new beginnings. Fall is to me, what New Year’s is to most other people. As i have mentioned this fall my middle son is getting married. You know in may a wedding in our yard seemed like a wonderful idea-today one month from the wedding I wonder why I thought this was such a good idea. Am I stressed out-oh just a little. I wish the wedding was in the evening. Things look better at night-little twinkly lights-you know the weeds don’t show up then. Oh well I’ll keep you posted on how we make out.

 I may have mentioned this before but I work for my dad doing home renovations for other people. On one particularly dazed afternoon I decided to stick my fingers into the table saw. This has affected my ability to blog. I can finally type again. I did not lose my fingers but they were pretty tore up. In my mind I have created this awesome page on being grateful. I had my dad take a picture of me with the table saw. If I get the page done I’ll have Tara put it on the blog for me.

Things are gearing up in the store. Tonight we have been brain storming class ideas, open house schedules, and contests. We really spend alot of time trying to think of ways to make this store better. If you have any ideas of things you’d like to see here let us know.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of Stacy Julian. She is the most amazing women. Scrapbooker extrordinaire, mother of 5, magazine editor. Ok, actually her scrapbooking kind of sucks, even she admits it. Nevertheless, this woman changed my view of scrapbooking and my life. Tara and I heard her at Calgary. She gave this amazing talk about how every one of us has the time to scrapbook. Stacy has given me permission to regurgitate her spiel. Now if you are thinking “I am not a scrapbooker-so this does not pertain to me” you are so wrong. This speech is about living life to the fullest-holding on to those precious memories. Watch for it in our fall schedule-I guarantee it will be after Sept. 13. Really you won’t want to miss it.

i’m off. Please do not edit this blog for grammatical correctness or any other English major stuff. I write it like I say it-fast with no time for commas or periods.

Enjoy these last precious days of summer. Take a picture of the last day of summer. Make the most of it. You only get one shot at today.

Blog Entry dated 8/4/2008 5:58 PM

We have some new product in!  Are you excited?!!  We sure are!  We have the multipacks for the Doodlebug Glitter and Flocking, also some cool new brads, some paper and other cool stuff.  Drop on by!

The other news is we are 50% sold out for scrapbooking retreat in November.  If you are thinking you want to join us for a weekend of scrapbooking and bonding – then sign up soon.  Since there is only room for 20, this means we only have 10 spots left!

So I thought I’d write something for the blog while I had a few minutes-between laundry.

“Someone posed the question this week ‘why do you scrapbook?’ Well I thought for about 2 seconds and came up with a list-which I can add to at anytime, because there are many reasons and sometimes they change during the scrapbooking process ( and after all it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, as often as she wants)

Reason 1- I want to be creative. I think all women feel good when they create something, and when you finish a page or a project there is a satisfaction. Now sometimes I get that feeling when I’ve created supper, but after it’s gobbled up there isn’t anything tangible left except dirty dishes I don’t feel a real thrill like I do when I go back and look at pages I’ve created.

Reason 2-Because sometimes the picture isn’t enough. Recently I did a page called “the cost of keeping a promise”.  Now the pictures are of our family at Disneyland but the story is what is important. I wanted to jot down what it cost in time/energy and dollars to get to the “happiest place on earth” I wanted to tell how important it is to keep your word. So that is what that journalling says.
Reason 3-Because I am a nostalgic memory keeper in our family. I want to know when and where my grandfather was born. I want to know how my father spent christmas’ as a boy. I want to remember when we planted the trees and why my girl has a scar on her foot. As a family we often look at our books to get dates and places, and to relive life as it was at that particular time.
That’s enough reasons for today, but think about why you scrapbook. You may be surprized at how many reasons you come up with.
Till next time -Lee