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So keeping up on this blog is hard for me at the end of the day I look back on what I didn’t get done and there seems to be a lot. One of those things is scrapbooking, I know Mel says anyone can get scrapbooking done if they put aside the time. That’s seems to be my issue setting aside the time and that is why we have started to hold 2 regular scrapbooking retreats a year so you(and I) can do just that. This is the best way to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. The other way we try to help you out is by holding classes at the store, the best class for that is the express class. You will have 6 pages done by the time you lave only 2.5hrs later. The other class that is a good way to get a page or 2 done is Mel’s quickie class, which you should be able to finish in less than 45min. I know I have been also using these classes to get some of my scrapbooking caught up.

As some of you know I had these adorable puppies born at the store this December so belive me I have may pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked. I also have a million that are of my kids which I am sure most of you have as well. SO set aside some time come to a class, go to a retreat or contact us about booking our scrapbooking room for you and your friends to have a pizza and scrapbooking evening. We plan it all, all you need to do is set aside the time and come! Hope to see you at the store soon.;)


This is hard

Not sure where the time goes but it sure has gone. I think it has been months since I last wrote on here. Things have been pretty good at the store, we had our fall retreat and it was such a success we booked another one February 6-8th. It is already over half full so if you were thinking of coming you shouldn’t put off signing up. It was a riot by all who attended and if you read Tara, Mel or Lee’s blog you would see for you yourself. Not an event you will want to  miss again.

Things around my house have been just as Chaotic as the store and it never seems I spend enough time there. Running kids from one event to another keeps us all quiet busy. This fall has also seen a few major concerns in our family mostly concerning my son. I am hoping in December to finally get to the bottom, or at least the middle of what is going on in his mind. You see my son has a reading disability and so even though he is in grade 4 he doesn’t read much past the end of a grade 1 level. This has been a struggle for him, his teachers and us as well.  However in December we will be taking him for a slew of tests(6hrs. worth) and if this doesn’t finally figure something out I don’t know what will.

This fall I finally did a page for my son on being 8 and the struggles we had  last year with school, we often scrapbook the good but forget about the bad, Don’t! Those bad days may seem hard at the time but I look back on that page and am reminded how I said I would be there for him no matter what. I guess that’s what 6hrs. of testing is. Sometimes it helps put the little things in perspective and they don’t seem so big anymore. So scrapbook the good but don’t forget the bad.coltens-eight-small

This past summer Photoworks did a spot for Sasktel max magazine, if you would like to see us and take a look into a piece of our store turn to channel 48 and you will find us under the craft section in the Max magazine. It was a fun experience and thanks to Sasktel our workshop room was completed at a much fast rate than it otherwise would have, thanks Sasktel.

If you haven’t been in the store lately you need to come see the many new products we have gotten in for Christmas. We would also like to welcome Theresa to our staff, she will be a great asset to the photolab. However a scrapbooker she is not, YET! The other girls are working on it and will make her a scrapbooker yet, she had her husband in the store and he has alreadydecided she needs to scrapbook. So please be patient with her as we teacher the scrapbooking lingo.

Well it is late so I must get off to bed, morning will come much to quickly 😉

Starting today for three days, we are having our amazing Calendar and Card sale. For instance, customers can get 5 Calendar credits for $99.95 which comes with one month Premiere!! (and lots of templates to chose from)

The calendars that are done elsewhere can be as much as $40, this works out to $25 a calendar and ours are twice as nice. I have never been able to cost effectively offer calendars until this year.

Click here for the 3 Day Flyer Sale.

This is an offer through the Heritage Makers company that we have partnered with to bring you photobooks, calendars and a few other specialty items. In order to get this awesome price you must puchase these credits through the store and then we apply the credits to your account. This offer expires October 29th so you need to let me know asap, you will need to get me payment by either coming to the store or calling me with your CC #. You also need to have an account set up, to set up an account go to If you would like us to design the calendar(s) for you there is a $25 charge per calendar on top of the price of the calendar(meaning every different one we design) for you. This is a great gift idea, that you can design yourself from the comfort of your home. There is no software to download, all you do is up load your pictures to their site. If you would like some help feel free to set up a time where I can walk you through how to get going, or you can watch the Webinar on the home page of the Heritage Makers site.   If you have any questions you can email me or give me a call at the store. However I will be out of the store on Tuesday so I can get back to you Wednesday.  Start making your Christmas calendars today.


Under Construction!

The store has been under construction lately and hopefully we will get it cleaned up soon. After 2 years of no workshop space we will now have a workshop in the store, a bit small but hay we will have one. It’s not quiet done yet but when it is you will be able to come to the store, meet your friends and scrapbook for the day. There will be more details so of how it will work we just haven’t ironed them out yet. It will also be great for our classes, no more setting up tables after hours. So hopefully we will get to see more of your scrapbooking pages when you come to the store to work, I look forward to that.

Well we have soapbox races this weekend(if it doesn’t rain) so that should be good for lots of pictures. You can never have to many! My one hope is that my kids don’t have to race against each other as I am sure that will go over well. Maybe they will be better about it than I seem to think. 

Well I hope you have a great father’s day weekend I would love to hear about it. So drop us a line or scan your father’s day page and we will post it on the blog for other’s to enjoy as well. Happy Father’s Day!


Photoshop Elements

Well it has been difficult for me to get used to writing on a Blog, hopefully it will get easier 😉

Anyways we had this awesome photoshop elements class last night it was so cool watching the ladies as they discovered that they could do so much with their pictures. One lady even commented on how she could see how you could spend hours doing this, it’s got so many possibilities. It does and I do spend hours in photoshop! but I love it. This is probably why I have become more of a digital scrapbooker than a cut and paste scrapbooker, it’s what I have become. 2 of my favorite sites to get “digital supplies” are actually are a partner with them so if you type in photoworks as your local scrapbooking store we get credit) the other is they have  a lot of cool things as well.

My daughter Michaela had her track meet this week( I sat in the rain and watched her) but I watched her beam with pride when she got 2nd place by .2of a second in Hurdles. If you know my daughter this in it’s self is a miracle as she is only 4’8″ and the hurdles come to her waist. It was funny when I zoomed in on the pictures every event she had her tongue sticking out with total concentration, now that’s a perfect page!! I can’t wait to get to it! It’s funny how we take pictures with pages in mind, it’s a fluke when the perfect page just happens.

With weddings and grad all happening right now and fathers day right around the corner, I hope you are remembering to develop your pictures for sure and if time permits scrapbook your pages!

ttyl Laura

what’s New?

So I thought I would take this oportunity to say we got in another order, YAH!!! This order has flocking in it, what’s flocking you ask? Well flocking is simillar to embossing in that you have to stamp something on the page and then you sprinkle flock on top to stick to the stamped image. It feels soft and fuzzy and is so neat. We also got crushed velvet paper in, the whole sheet is has a soft velvet feel to it in a wide ray of colors. Stop in and see.

Also do you have a million(or so it feels) pictures from the past that you would love to scan and make digital? Well we are getting a new(hopefully be here beginning of june) scanner that you can come and do just that. The cost to scan your prints will be 1-99 .39cents , 100-499 .29cents, 500+ .19cents. All you have to do is bring a jump drive(or you can get one here) and then we will save them on there for you. If you want more details please just call the store 773-6500.

Did you know we also have Photo Booking? We have partnered with Heritage Makers to bring you Photo Books, posters, cards, calenders and much more they even have a template for making your own memory card game. Just go to  make an account(which is free) and you can start making your own Storybook from the comfort of your home. There are special packages you can purchase through the store if you would like more info give us a call or why no attend our Photobooking info night on June 12th and 23rd, or watch a tutorial on the site.    

So that’s all I can think of that’s real exciting at the store for this week, hope to see you soon. Laura        


What I want

hhhmmm.. *What I want is to be the best scrapbooking store in Southwest Saskatchewan.”

*To have the best customer service.”

*To have the best selection in scrapbooking products both digital and paper.”

*To be known for our high quality photofinishing.”

*But most of all I want to be known for the quality that I strive so hard to give.”

Can you tell me how I can accomplish that for you? I love suggestions and ideas to help make us better for you the customer. If there is something we don’t have that you would like… we can order it in for you as long as one of our suppliers carries it. Is there a class you would like to see taught let us know and we will figure it out, well I won’t but my awesome teaching staff will figure it out and show you just how it’s done. If you have never taken the time to come to a class taught by the girls you have missed out on not only a learning experience but a great time as well.

This weekend I spent sunday with my husbands family having a bbq which turned out to be quiet windy (we lost a few hotdogs) but the day reminded me why we scrapbook and why we take photo’s….for the recollection of our memories. To not forget the good times but also remember the not so good. As I listened to the stories the good ones about what the kids have done, but also the hard times that some have gone through I thought about where I was with my scrapbooks and decided Mel’s right, if she can find the time so should I be able to. So after everyone left I did a digital scrapbooked page about my sisiter-in-law and my Nephew, about that very thing- memories!!

So Why do we scrapbook and why should we print those pictures(especially print the pictures) We do this so the memories are not lost!!! Do you know that it is said that there will be more lost memories than ever with this generation because we didn’t print our pictures. Unfortunately CD’s and DVD’s can break or get scratched and some just fail for no reason at all. Computer’s crash and so do memory cards (really not that uncommon I see this quite a bit actually). The only real safe storage is to actually print your pictures. I am not suggesting you print every one just the important ones, the ones that have the most meaning. I am also not telling you that you should scrapbook every one (even though I am a scrapbooking store) I am just saying lets not loose our memories to some tragic crash (I learnt this the hard way a year ago), or loosing the precious CD of you childs first steps or first haircut. Print them and put them in an album or safe box. I had a customer come in a couple of weeks ago and said she felt bad because every morning her daughter sits in front of the computer to wait for the slide show of pictures. Although we don’t like our children to sit in front of the TV for hours we will let them sit in front of the computer to look at pictures. It means so much more to flip through the pages of an album and watch them laugh and talk about “remember this mommy……”

So take a moment and remember we (the moms) are the keeper of the memories, what have you done to make sure your families memories are not lost?