Scrapbooking By Laura

Who can Print the Most Photos

Is it you?! We were talking one night, and one of us menitioned how many pictures they have on their computer and still haven’t printed. It started us thinking I wonder how many pictures are on computers or memory cards. Because we are a curious bunch, we decided to hold a contest, because honestly who doesn’t want to win something free!!?? So how it works is from October 1 to 31 bring in all those pictures, or send them in online. And we will see how exactly has the most pictures! The prize is you win that amount back. Example the winner has 500 pictures, we will give you credit to print 500 pictures. Now the unfun stuff – the rules! But a necessary evil

1. Only digital prints, film or scanned prints do not count.

2. It has to be 4×6 to be included in the contest. You are more than welcome to print other sizes, but we are only counting the 4x6s.

3. The winner will have their name and amount of pictures posted on our website and blog.

So get those memory cards, and USB drives ready to go and get those pictures in pronto!


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