Scrapbooking By Laura

Cut It Out Club

During the summer, we used the time to do a little research, put our ears to the ground as they say, and come up some new ideas.

One idea was to have a membership.  We thought this way we could keep better track of all of you out there and also help you get some savings.  Savings you say?  I hear the perking of many ears….. or is it eyes?!?! So how this membership works is you pay a yearly fee of $29.99.  Now I can hear you all rolling your eyes going but how does this save us money?  Well just wait until I tell you what you get for this remarkably low price.

  • No regular class fees
  • 5% off everyday on regular priced scrapbooking supplies
  • 15% on your purchases for your birthday
  • 5% off all your photo enlargements (5×7 or larger)
  • refer a friend and receive a $5 gift card
  • daily specials for members only
  • unlimited use of our new scrapbooking room and tools (believe me this is handy!) This does not include the Cricut mats though.  You must bring your own or purchase one from the store.
  • free class with 4 weeks of membership purchase

We are always open to some new ideas too.  So if you think of something we should have for just members drop off your idea to one of us!

We also decided to set up a couple of groups too.  We have heard your cries about being behind in scrapbooking.  And we all know how popular Lee’s Express Class is…. so we set up an Express Club.  This club will meet once a month from September to December.  If you are unable to attend, you will still recieve all the materials with instructions to take home.  When you work that out, that’s 24 scrapbook pages that will look amazing!

More and more we hear about people wanting something special to give to a loved one.  That inspired us to start a Card Club.  Same thing, they will meet once a month and make 10 cards each meeting.  A lot of people are truly honored by being given a handmade item and do treasure it.

Drop by the store for more information.


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