Scrapbooking By Laura

fall is in the air-help!

man today felt like fall. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s like new beginnings. Fall is to me, what New Year’s is to most other people. As i have mentioned this fall my middle son is getting married. You know in may a wedding in our yard seemed like a wonderful idea-today one month from the wedding I wonder why I thought this was such a good idea. Am I stressed out-oh just a little. I wish the wedding was in the evening. Things look better at night-little twinkly lights-you know the weeds don’t show up then. Oh well I’ll keep you posted on how we make out.

 I may have mentioned this before but I work for my dad doing home renovations for other people. On one particularly dazed afternoon I decided to stick my fingers into the table saw. This has affected my ability to blog. I can finally type again. I did not lose my fingers but they were pretty tore up. In my mind I have created this awesome page on being grateful. I had my dad take a picture of me with the table saw. If I get the page done I’ll have Tara put it on the blog for me.

Things are gearing up in the store. Tonight we have been brain storming class ideas, open house schedules, and contests. We really spend alot of time trying to think of ways to make this store better. If you have any ideas of things you’d like to see here let us know.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of Stacy Julian. She is the most amazing women. Scrapbooker extrordinaire, mother of 5, magazine editor. Ok, actually her scrapbooking kind of sucks, even she admits it. Nevertheless, this woman changed my view of scrapbooking and my life. Tara and I heard her at Calgary. She gave this amazing talk about how every one of us has the time to scrapbook. Stacy has given me permission to regurgitate her spiel. Now if you are thinking “I am not a scrapbooker-so this does not pertain to me” you are so wrong. This speech is about living life to the fullest-holding on to those precious memories. Watch for it in our fall schedule-I guarantee it will be after Sept. 13. Really you won’t want to miss it.

i’m off. Please do not edit this blog for grammatical correctness or any other English major stuff. I write it like I say it-fast with no time for commas or periods.

Enjoy these last precious days of summer. Take a picture of the last day of summer. Make the most of it. You only get one shot at today.


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