Scrapbooking By Laura

So I thought I’d write something for the blog while I had a few minutes-between laundry.

“Someone posed the question this week ‘why do you scrapbook?’ Well I thought for about 2 seconds and came up with a list-which I can add to at anytime, because there are many reasons and sometimes they change during the scrapbooking process ( and after all it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, as often as she wants)

Reason 1- I want to be creative. I think all women feel good when they create something, and when you finish a page or a project there is a satisfaction. Now sometimes I get that feeling when I’ve created supper, but after it’s gobbled up there isn’t anything tangible left except dirty dishes I don’t feel a real thrill like I do when I go back and look at pages I’ve created.

Reason 2-Because sometimes the picture isn’t enough. Recently I did a page called “the cost of keeping a promise”.  Now the pictures are of our family at Disneyland but the story is what is important. I wanted to jot down what it cost in time/energy and dollars to get to the “happiest place on earth” I wanted to tell how important it is to keep your word. So that is what that journalling says.
Reason 3-Because I am a nostalgic memory keeper in our family. I want to know when and where my grandfather was born. I want to know how my father spent christmas’ as a boy. I want to remember when we planted the trees and why my girl has a scar on her foot. As a family we often look at our books to get dates and places, and to relive life as it was at that particular time.
That’s enough reasons for today, but think about why you scrapbook. You may be surprized at how many reasons you come up with.
Till next time -Lee


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