Scrapbooking By Laura

Photoshop Elements

Well it has been difficult for me to get used to writing on a Blog, hopefully it will get easier 😉

Anyways we had this awesome photoshop elements class last night it was so cool watching the ladies as they discovered that they could do so much with their pictures. One lady even commented on how she could see how you could spend hours doing this, it’s got so many possibilities. It does and I do spend hours in photoshop! but I love it. This is probably why I have become more of a digital scrapbooker than a cut and paste scrapbooker, it’s what I have become. 2 of my favorite sites to get “digital supplies” are actually are a partner with them so if you type in photoworks as your local scrapbooking store we get credit) the other is they have  a lot of cool things as well.

My daughter Michaela had her track meet this week( I sat in the rain and watched her) but I watched her beam with pride when she got 2nd place by .2of a second in Hurdles. If you know my daughter this in it’s self is a miracle as she is only 4’8″ and the hurdles come to her waist. It was funny when I zoomed in on the pictures every event she had her tongue sticking out with total concentration, now that’s a perfect page!! I can’t wait to get to it! It’s funny how we take pictures with pages in mind, it’s a fluke when the perfect page just happens.

With weddings and grad all happening right now and fathers day right around the corner, I hope you are remembering to develop your pictures for sure and if time permits scrapbook your pages!

ttyl Laura


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