Scrapbooking By Laura

what’s New?

So I thought I would take this oportunity to say we got in another order, YAH!!! This order has flocking in it, what’s flocking you ask? Well flocking is simillar to embossing in that you have to stamp something on the page and then you sprinkle flock on top to stick to the stamped image. It feels soft and fuzzy and is so neat. We also got crushed velvet paper in, the whole sheet is has a soft velvet feel to it in a wide ray of colors. Stop in and see.

Also do you have a million(or so it feels) pictures from the past that you would love to scan and make digital? Well we are getting a new(hopefully be here beginning of june) scanner that you can come and do just that. The cost to scan your prints will be 1-99 .39cents , 100-499 .29cents, 500+ .19cents. All you have to do is bring a jump drive(or you can get one here) and then we will save them on there for you. If you want more details please just call the store 773-6500.

Did you know we also have Photo Booking? We have partnered with Heritage Makers to bring you Photo Books, posters, cards, calenders and much more they even have a template for making your own memory card game. Just go to  make an account(which is free) and you can start making your own Storybook from the comfort of your home. There are special packages you can purchase through the store if you would like more info give us a call or why no attend our Photobooking info night on June 12th and 23rd, or watch a tutorial on the site.    

So that’s all I can think of that’s real exciting at the store for this week, hope to see you soon. Laura        



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