Scrapbooking By Laura

What I want

hhhmmm.. *What I want is to be the best scrapbooking store in Southwest Saskatchewan.”

*To have the best customer service.”

*To have the best selection in scrapbooking products both digital and paper.”

*To be known for our high quality photofinishing.”

*But most of all I want to be known for the quality that I strive so hard to give.”

Can you tell me how I can accomplish that for you? I love suggestions and ideas to help make us better for you the customer. If there is something we don’t have that you would like… we can order it in for you as long as one of our suppliers carries it. Is there a class you would like to see taught let us know and we will figure it out, well I won’t but my awesome teaching staff will figure it out and show you just how it’s done. If you have never taken the time to come to a class taught by the girls you have missed out on not only a learning experience but a great time as well.

This weekend I spent sunday with my husbands family having a bbq which turned out to be quiet windy (we lost a few hotdogs) but the day reminded me why we scrapbook and why we take photo’s….for the recollection of our memories. To not forget the good times but also remember the not so good. As I listened to the stories the good ones about what the kids have done, but also the hard times that some have gone through I thought about where I was with my scrapbooks and decided Mel’s right, if she can find the time so should I be able to. So after everyone left I did a digital scrapbooked page about my sisiter-in-law and my Nephew, about that very thing- memories!!

So Why do we scrapbook and why should we print those pictures(especially print the pictures) We do this so the memories are not lost!!! Do you know that it is said that there will be more lost memories than ever with this generation because we didn’t print our pictures. Unfortunately CD’s and DVD’s can break or get scratched and some just fail for no reason at all. Computer’s crash and so do memory cards (really not that uncommon I see this quite a bit actually). The only real safe storage is to actually print your pictures. I am not suggesting you print every one just the important ones, the ones that have the most meaning. I am also not telling you that you should scrapbook every one (even though I am a scrapbooking store) I am just saying lets not loose our memories to some tragic crash (I learnt this the hard way a year ago), or loosing the precious CD of you childs first steps or first haircut. Print them and put them in an album or safe box. I had a customer come in a couple of weeks ago and said she felt bad because every morning her daughter sits in front of the computer to wait for the slide show of pictures. Although we don’t like our children to sit in front of the TV for hours we will let them sit in front of the computer to look at pictures. It means so much more to flip through the pages of an album and watch them laugh and talk about “remember this mommy……”

So take a moment and remember we (the moms) are the keeper of the memories, what have you done to make sure your families memories are not lost?



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