Scrapbooking By Laura

Introducing Lee

Hi! This is Lee! I’m a married mom of three and I love scrappin’! All times of the day and night. I was working on the May Express Class later in the day than I should have been and I was a bit desparate for a circle – a large circle – for a page idea. I rummaged around, finally came up with using a dinner plate as a template. After all they are big and round! Not quite big enough. Hmmm… what could I use? How about the lid for my Bosch? A perfect circle! This class is a bit of a stretch for me anyhow – it’s using stripes. I don’t usually use a lot of stripes but I think I’ve pulled it off and scraplifted enough ideas so the class should be great!

Two words of explanation:
1. Express Class is a class where yu do six pages in two and half hours. Everything is cut out and you just stick it together. You can also buy the kits with pictures and instructions to do the sticking at home.
2. Scraplifting is perfectly legal – and very much encourage. It’s looking at someone else’s amazing idea and making it your own variation of it. Afterall, why reinvent the wheel?!

Till Next Time,


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