Scrapbooking By Laura

Introducing the Team at Photoworks

Over the next few days, or maybe a couple of weeks, depending when everyone hands in their homework assignments! I will be introducing you to the team at Photoworks. There is Laura – aka the Boss Lady. She’s the manager of us, keeps in line, and from going crazy with ordering! Then comes in Mel – she’s scrapbooking goodness all wrapped up into one small package. If you need ideas or inspiration – come hang out with her for a bit in the store and she’ll get you going with all sorts of cool stuff! Then comes Cassandra – she’s branching out into the teaching department, so come and take one of her classes and give her some support! Lee – well I’m biased as she is my Auntie! – but she’s a pretty cool chickie. You will walk away from her class feeling like you accomplished a lot and learning some things you never even thought of. Claire – is another one of our teachers and Mel’s daughter-in-law. She does some pretty inspiration stuff. Then comes me – Tara. I’m the behind the scenes person. I prefer to do things like this – work on the website and photoshop. Though I have been convinced to give teaching a try.

As everyone hands in their posts, you will get to them know a bit better. We look forward to chatting with you here and at the store 🙂


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