Scrapbooking By Laura

Introducing Mel

Thanks to Tara – the girls of Photoworks have a blog. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, being that I can barely turn on a computer it wasn’t looking likely. Now I write it, Tara puts it on. Ya Tara!

I’ve never read a blog. Tara reads someone’s to me. I have heard lots about it and think it’s cool. I’ve always kept a diary and I guess I figure that now that I”m older and have no secrets I might as well blast my life over cyber space. Why you’d want to read about my life is what I don’t understand about the whole blog thing – but hey maybe somewhere amongst the chaos of my mind you will find some nuggets of something that you can identify with.

From the store’s perspective our mission is to provide you with a sense of community. Hopefully by getting to know us better – we can get to know you better. What do you like, what do you hate, what moves and inspires you?

So for this blog – I love saying “blog” – I’m going to tell you a bit about me. For Tara’s sake, I will try to keep this short and hopefully not boring.

First off since this is a scrapbooking blog – I AM ADDICTED!! I freely admit it. I could scrap 15 hours a day unfortunately… real life tends to interfere. Real life being…. I am married almost 24 years. Freaky! I have 3 boys, Mark 22 years who’s married to Claire – they are on the farm with us. Mike 21 years – he is a trucker and loves his job. Mason 18 years – he is graduating from Herbert this year. Our niece Jessica also lives with us. She’s in grade 11. We run purebred Angus cattle and have 400 ewes.

I work for my dad four days a week doing construction and one day at the store. So this brings me to my pet peeve – which I didn’t intend to get into at this point – but what the heck! – I really become unnerved by people who say “I’d love to scrapbook but I’m too busy”. Oh right. I’m laying on the couch all day eating Chocolate and watching TV. Fact is I probably watching one and half hours of TV a week – if that.

To me it is very important to keep the memories of my family alive. I’m not much of a birthday, Christmas scrapper; but if you break a bone, get pulled over by the police, say something funny or do something stupid – those are the things I want to scrap.

Real life – real memories!

Scrapbooking has taught me to treasure the everyday things. The whole world has become a more interesting place and brighter!

Well that’s for the next post 🙂

Happy Scrappin!


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